We will hold a workshop to discuss the problems involved in detecting planets around young stars with protoplanetary discs. It will be held near Madrid, Spain, on June 26-29th 2018 and has a limited number of attendees (up to 40) in order to ensure a good atmosphere for discussions and foster collaborations.


The format of this workshop will be different from a regular meeting where talks give an overview of the latest results. Instead, it will rely mainly on discussions, starting from a critical overview of a key topic highlighting lingering problems; all participants are also encouraged to contribute with their own questions that they can present during the discussion sessions, possibly supported by a few slides.

Please use this webpage to consult the programme, participants, logistics information, or contact us directly. 


Héctor Cánovas

Carlos Eiroa

Antonio Garufi

Gwendolyn Meeus

Ignacio Mendigutía

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